While I Pondered Weak and Weary
INTJ, Heir of Mind, Capricorn, Hufflepuff, Waterbender

I'm Lauren. I welcome you to enjoy your time on my blog! I post whatever I feel like, but scrolling down you can easily get a hold of what I have interest in. Occasionally NSFW

20. Single. Panromantic Demisexual. Cis; female. Atheist. College student. Philosophizing, optimistic, cynical, realist.

People are people, wankers gonna wank, baby we're born this way, live life to what you think it's worth.

AllCatsUnite is a personal trademark name created in 2006 // Background // Icon

Tumblr (and Ford I guess cause the tag says Ford Tumblr and the blog is sponsored by Ford), if you’re going to put advertisement posts on my dash the least you could do is make them actually funny

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